Monday, 14 December 2015

Nivea Men Post Shave Balm Primer

Okay so I have been trying out the Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm as a primer for the last few weeks after seeing Nikkie Tutorials raving about it in her youtube videos. She claimed that due to the high level of glycerin in this product it helps your makeup stick to your face and stay looking flawless all day.

 I was eager to try this method as I have a problem with my foundation always seeming to disappear off certain areas of my face (mainly the centre of my forehead and my chin) after a few hours no matter what foundation I use. I have seen lots of reviews where people have mentioned how they don't like the scent of this, it's a very typical man scent and I actually quite like it. Although if you don't want to smell like a man, don't worry because after a while the smell completely disappears. Unfortunately this product doesn't come with a pump or anything for an easier application, so you do have to pour some out onto the back of your hand and then apply to the face in circular motions, Nikkie said to keep rubbing it into the skin until it becomes tacky then just apply your makeup how you usually would. This product makes my makeup apply so much smoother and has made it stay on all day, apart from my chin area since I have a habit of touching my face there and my makeup ends up rubbing off anyway.

I believe this works for most skin types as I have seen a lot of different reviews of people with all different skin types that say they love it, I honestly couldn't tell you what my skin type is at the moment.. I used to have very dry skin but recently its more combination. If you have the same issue as me with your makeup not lasting, I would definitely recommend trying this product out.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Models Own Nail Polish Haul

 Models Own are my favourite nail polish brand, so when I saw they were having a 50% off everything sale I went a little crazy. They are usually £5 a bottle so I couldn't resist buying all the colours I'd been wanting for so long, I picked up 8 polishes in total...

 From left to right: Magenta Divine, Buff Pink, Pink Fizz, Purple Ash

Red Alert, Indian Ocean, Nude Beige, Colour Chrome Copper

Thursday, 10 December 2015

My Mac Lipstick Collection

Anyone that knows me will know how much I love lipstick and when it comes to lipstick in my opinion, MAC just do it better. They are quite expensive at £15.50 a pop now.. when I bought my first one I'm sure they were £13 pound something, but I still think they are worth it. I have built up quite the collection of them over the years and I personally find MAC lip collection posts very helpful when searching for which shade to buy next, so I thought I'd do one..

Myth, Creme D'nude, Honeylove, Blankety, Velvet Teddy, Creme Cup, Pink Nouveau, Viva Glam Nicki, Morange, 
Lady danger, So chaud, Russian Red. 

Myth is a very pale nude, applied on it's own would look like the dreaded 'concealer lips' but is great for using in addition to a darker lipliner or lipstick to lighten the colour. 

Creme D'nude is a light peachy nude, more wearable alone than myth but I still like this more worn with a lip liner as I'm not too keen on the finish alone. 

Honeylove is a browny beige nude, this is my most recently purchased Mac lipstick.. this with spice lipliner is my favourite lipstick combo ever. 

Blankety is a pinky beige colour, my most worn and most loved lipstick ever. I desperately need to pick up a new one of these. 

Velvet Teddy is a browny beige, I got it as a result of the hype and I wasn't disapointed.. again love this with spice lipliner. 

Creme Cup is a neutral pinkish colour, I think this was the first ever lipstick I bought.. pretty sure I read Kim K used it so that's why I bought it. Unfortunately it didn't make me look like a kardashian, I don't like wearing this lipstick alone but with a nice pinky lipliner it looks great. 

Pink Nouveau is a bright pink, I went through a bright lipstick phase a few years ago and I used to wear this all the time as you can see, I rarely use it anymore though as I don't think these type of colours suit me. 

Viva Glam Nicki is a bright coraly pink, I don't quite know what I was thinking when I bought this.. I purchased it when it first came out and I've literally worn it once. 

Morange is a bright orange, I also bought this one when I was going through my bright lippy stage and actually never wore it. When summer comes I am going to try mixing this with my red lipsticks to make them brighter and see how that goes. 

Lady Danger is a bright orangey toned red, my go-to favourite red lipstick to wear. I find that darker red shades make me look a bit too gothic looking due to me having very dark hair.. I used to love wearing this paired with Redd lipliner until I unfortunately lost it on a night out. 

So Chaud is the first MAC red lipstick I purchased which in 2012 I wore to death, I never wear it anymore as I prefer Lady Danger but it's still a lovely colour. 

Russian Red is a more classic blueish red shade, I don't wear this very often as I don't think this type of red suits me very much.

What's your favourite MAC lipstick? 

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas Wishlist

With christmas approaching I have been thinking of what I would like to receive this christmas so I thought I'd share some of the things I'm lusting over at the moment. I'm not going to lie some of these itsems will most likely be presents to myself from myself. 

Boohoo Sequin Black Dress Been on the look out for the perfect New Years Eve dress and I think I have found it! Love a good sequin dress around christmas/new years time. 

Soap and glory Well I'll Be Glammed I love soap and glory and will be happy if I receive any of their gift sets but this one has lots of full size products which I love. 

Public Desire Lace Up Black Heels I'm in need of some new going out heels to wear boxing day and new years, I'm loving the lace up heels at the moment. I will probably fall and break my neck in these but they are so pretty I need them in my life. 

Ariana Grande Perfume I haven't actually smelt this perfume but the packaging is so cute and I love Ariana. 

Zoeva Rose Gold Eye Set I've been wanting some Zoeva brushes for so long now and I love the Black and Rose gold sets. 

Mary-lou Manizer Highligher This product is so hyped up and I am yet to try it. 

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Kiko Velvet Mat Satin Lipstick 600 Nude Beige

As soon as I heard about how the new Kiko store in meadowhall had opened I had to go and get some things! Unfortunately most of the things I wanted weren't in stock so I ended up just buying a lipstick, I will definitely have to make an online order very soon. I picked up this lipstick mainly because the packaging is to die for, obviously I had to purchase a nude shade as they are my favourite so I went with the lightest nude of the range which is 600 Nude Beige.

Nude Beige is a classic light warm nude colour. The formula of this lipstick I would describe as a creamy satin formula. It is very light and creamy, definitely not matte. The packaging has to be the nicest lipstick packaging I have ever come across. It's a beautiful sleek gold colour and you press down on the bullet to release the lipstick.