Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Kiko Velvet Mat Satin Lipstick 600 Nude Beige

As soon as I heard about how the new Kiko store in meadowhall had opened I had to go and get some things! Unfortunately most of the things I wanted weren't in stock so I ended up just buying a lipstick, I will definitely have to make an online order very soon. I picked up this lipstick mainly because the packaging is to die for, obviously I had to purchase a nude shade as they are my favourite so I went with the lightest nude of the range which is 600 Nude Beige.

Nude Beige is a classic light warm nude colour. The formula of this lipstick I would describe as a creamy satin formula. It is very light and creamy, definitely not matte. The packaging has to be the nicest lipstick packaging I have ever come across. It's a beautiful sleek gold colour and you press down on the bullet to release the lipstick.


  1. I love the packaging of Kiko lipsticks more than the formula! I visited their store in Westfield, Stratford and the MUA in there made me look like coco the clown. I had to walk around sporting disastrous blusher all day and my boyfriend kept taking the mick; I wasn't too impressed!xx

    Laura | Lala London: Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. So true, I can't get over how pretty the packaging is.. It did take me about ten minutes to figure out how to get the lipstick out though! Oh no, I find it so hard to trust people to put makeup on me when I'm out shopping so I end up buying without trying anything xx

  2. i've heard a lot of good things about kiko, but i'm yet to try any of their products. this lipstick looks lovely:-)xx


  3. I love Kiko Lipsticks so much! I haven't tried these ones yet! They're such good value for money!