Thursday, 10 December 2015

My Mac Lipstick Collection

Anyone that knows me will know how much I love lipstick and when it comes to lipstick in my opinion, MAC just do it better. They are quite expensive at £15.50 a pop now.. when I bought my first one I'm sure they were £13 pound something, but I still think they are worth it. I have built up quite the collection of them over the years and I personally find MAC lip collection posts very helpful when searching for which shade to buy next, so I thought I'd do one..

Myth, Creme D'nude, Honeylove, Blankety, Velvet Teddy, Creme Cup, Pink Nouveau, Viva Glam Nicki, Morange, 
Lady danger, So chaud, Russian Red. 

Myth is a very pale nude, applied on it's own would look like the dreaded 'concealer lips' but is great for using in addition to a darker lipliner or lipstick to lighten the colour. 

Creme D'nude is a light peachy nude, more wearable alone than myth but I still like this more worn with a lip liner as I'm not too keen on the finish alone. 

Honeylove is a browny beige nude, this is my most recently purchased Mac lipstick.. this with spice lipliner is my favourite lipstick combo ever. 

Blankety is a pinky beige colour, my most worn and most loved lipstick ever. I desperately need to pick up a new one of these. 

Velvet Teddy is a browny beige, I got it as a result of the hype and I wasn't disapointed.. again love this with spice lipliner. 

Creme Cup is a neutral pinkish colour, I think this was the first ever lipstick I bought.. pretty sure I read Kim K used it so that's why I bought it. Unfortunately it didn't make me look like a kardashian, I don't like wearing this lipstick alone but with a nice pinky lipliner it looks great. 

Pink Nouveau is a bright pink, I went through a bright lipstick phase a few years ago and I used to wear this all the time as you can see, I rarely use it anymore though as I don't think these type of colours suit me. 

Viva Glam Nicki is a bright coraly pink, I don't quite know what I was thinking when I bought this.. I purchased it when it first came out and I've literally worn it once. 

Morange is a bright orange, I also bought this one when I was going through my bright lippy stage and actually never wore it. When summer comes I am going to try mixing this with my red lipsticks to make them brighter and see how that goes. 

Lady Danger is a bright orangey toned red, my go-to favourite red lipstick to wear. I find that darker red shades make me look a bit too gothic looking due to me having very dark hair.. I used to love wearing this paired with Redd lipliner until I unfortunately lost it on a night out. 

So Chaud is the first MAC red lipstick I purchased which in 2012 I wore to death, I never wear it anymore as I prefer Lady Danger but it's still a lovely colour. 

Russian Red is a more classic blueish red shade, I don't wear this very often as I don't think this type of red suits me very much.

What's your favourite MAC lipstick? 

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